The Moment – Modern Vices (Music Video)

Chicago based band Modern Vices (@modernvices) released a colorful music video for their song “The Moment” off of their second LP “If Only.” Before I dive in let me take a moment and tell you about the band, made up of 5 members, Alex Rebek is the long haired gentleman who does vocals, Miles Kalchik is the man on the black base and also does the keys, Thomas Peters and Peter Scoville are on guitar with Patrick Hennessey on the drums. The band is a bit more like a urban garage rock with some indie and pop blend in this latest LP that they also have some new wave elements in, I haven’t listened to them much but will need to because boy was this a treat. The song seems to be about focusing on being in the moment with a special someone and to not let the past ruin it, to live in the moment rather then die from the past. The music video has a great usage of color, I haven’t seen this many beautiful shades of light colors since I had sherbet ice cream, the parts that took me out of it were the usage of 3D models for a woman and male, they looked straight out of the animated movie Food Fight and were more hilarious than anything, but the camera work and colors for this music are a straight mood and I really need that to be acknowledged because this was a very well produced video. If you wanna support the band listen to their latest LP, “If Only” because I know I will be and also follow the groups Instagram, @modernvices.

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