Magic Carpet – Slush Bruh (Music Video)

Boston based rapper Slush Bruh (@slushbruh) submitted his music video for his single titled “Magic Carpet” which released August 11th, 2019. Now from first impressions I was pretty intrigued by the distinguished look of Slush Bruh who rocks a white ski mask with red hair, that was enough to make let myself mentally know I was in for a experience. “Magic Carpet” is a very comedic track about Slush Bruh’s “Magic Carpet” and how the ladies like riding it. The music video has some nice camera work on it and kept me engaged, from a shopping cart ride to hanging on some beams the video uses scenery real well and reminds me of something that Lil Uzi Vert or XXXTENTACION would produce. The vibes are good and this is a artist to keep on your radar, follow his Instagram, @slushbruh and let him know that he needs to drop more music.

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