Wake Up! – Leeway (Review)

San Jose born artist Leeway (@wakeupleeway) released his first EP titled “Wake Up!” on the 18th of November. Leeway is currently based in Boston getting his education while also leveling dudes with some real dope bars. Now I found out about this brother through his single “Cottonmouth” which released with a music video about a month ago. Now Leeway reminds me in a lot of Rich Brian for his flow and delivery but with a added aggression. The EP is only 6 tracks long so lets get straight into it, this is “Wake Up!” by Leeway.

The self-titled track “Wake Up!” starts our journey with Leeway. The track gets you hyped, Leeway spends the full minute rapping about his grind and boosting of his profit from it while dropping some real solid bars. “Moreofthesame” features cozy boy as the pair drops bars over a sick flute based beat. Pretty solid track with good bars exchanged between both artist. “Fob” which was the first single from the album features Bay Area artist Chow Mane (@chowmane) and sees both artist show off their Asian culture with smooth bars over a hyped up beat similar to “Moreofthesame.” “Cottonmouth” which was the second single for the EP had a more fast-paced Leeway dropping dimes like Dame Lillard. This was a real dope track that kept me interested in Leeway. “Nasa” sees cozy boy return as Leeway drops space themed bars and some solid bars overall. The usage of Fortnite references to just straight bars was what I remembered heavy next to the interlude. “Gameboy” concludes the EP, featuring Kyle $wipe (@kyleswipe) is a gaming themed track with both artist dropping bars about themselves and fake ones.

Overall I feel this is a solid EP that is full of some fun diversity along with some real solid lyricism. The production didn’t really blow me away but was solid overall, the lyrics though similar on some tracks did have real good wordplay, delivery and above all consistency. My favorite tracks were “Fob” and “Moreofthesame.” “Fob” had real good energy and some of the best bars I feel in the EP. “Moreofthesame” was one of my favorites for the production, I enjoyed the beat and felt both cozy boy and Leeway did a great job at giving a laid back vibe. Follow all artist tagged next to their name to help grow their following, your time is appreciated and those little things make a bigger difference, I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “Wake Up!” by Leeway,

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