1999 – Najee DuWon (Review)

Najee DuWon is a artist from Philadelphia who has been releasing music for about a year on SoundCloud that recently texted me to give his latest album, “1999” a quick listen. The Musical Hippie is all about being open minded and giving anything a shot so I gladly told him I would listen and let him know my thoughts. The album is 9 tracks long and had a R&B meets Hip-Hop vibe with Najee having outstanding vocals, this is a a treat. Without anymore hold ups lets dive in, these are my thoughts on “1999” by Najee DuWon.

We Start with “Hello, Tomorrow” which plays slowly at first building a atmosphere before Najee’s voice slowly echos in. The song speaks on equality and the struggles that come in life but how you need to keep your chin up and look forward to tomorrow. “Promise” follows with a nice, mellow beat that sees Najee continues his vocal game as he speaks on peace and reinforcing being strong and faithful for a cause or person you believe in no matter what. Track 3 titled “Yahweh” is a sorta gospel focused track which makes sense because Yahweh was the national god for Israel and Judah around late Bronze Age, early Iron Age. “Indecisive” sees DuWon battle with himself about his feelings towards a person he has feelings towards as he decides if it is his fault he is the way he is or if he was morphed into by other energies. It’s a nice track that I really enjoyed and made a heavy connection too when I first heard it. “Gold” sees DuWon talk about wanting the riches and fame of life, gaining the everlasting legacy while also keeping those who speak ill upon your name wrong.

Track 6 titled “Forbidden Fruit” was produced by Ultra Rare Sabra (@raresabra) and seems to focus on the inner feelings of a relationship between a sex focused partner and a very conscious partner. The song has this ambiance that really makes this feel like a love song to jam with under the stars with the girl you love and let her know that you’ll always cherish them and not just their physical presence. “I Told You” which is produced by AQUINAS has a more emo rap, lo-fi Hip-Hop vibe to it as Najee raps about people faking their status and talking about his status which he looks to only keep elevating. “PNDTYPEMUSIC” produced by Yusei is to mimic the sound of PartyNextDoor with the R&B vocals and alternative music type beat. This song is a cool one that really hit different when I smoked to it so I highly recommend checking this song out off the album. “Pray Father, Love Me” was a beautiful conclusion to this album, I felt like I was being blessed by angels as Najee is acompined by GENDI (@damngerdiehot), Tanisha Pierre (@tanishapierre) and Lydia Joy (@lydiajoyj). The song seems to be a open letter to the listener about Najee’s life and his struggles, the people who tried to put his path to ruble as he shoots to be the man he hopes his father would be proud of. I really felt his pain and passion in this song, this was one of the best tracks I have heard in a while that actually made me shed a tear.

If I told you that Najee Duwon was the next big thing you might call me crazy but this brother has the perfect blend of lyricism and vocals that with time can launch him past the stars. The album is a quick listen that leaves a lasting effect that carries on, easily a great underground project in my humble opinion. My favorites would be “Pray Father, Love Me” and “Forbidden Fruit.” “Pray Father, My Love” made me shed a tear, what more can be said about a song with enough power to make another man cry, easily the first song I suggest to any new comer who just wants to dip their toe in the water. “Forbidden Fruit” had a great blend of emo rap production while having a main focus on a love arch had me really vibing. If you haven’t already follow Najee DuWon on social media check him out, @najeeduwon along with any of the other talented artist who have their username featured next to their name. I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “1999” by Najee DuWon.

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