Murder The Flesh Pt.2 – Feed’Em (Music Video)

Independent UK artist Feed’Em (@feedemartist) hit my line with a email this morning to show off his latest music video “Murder The Flesh Pt.2” from his first EP “Murder The Flesh.” The track is very EDM/garage vibe with fast paced bars that hit you hard as the beat stays aggressive and high energy. Some of the bars I really liked were “I was drunk on lies now I’m sobering!” and “I import scriptures in my diction when I spit that watch the friction…” The music video was well done, directed by Feed’Em, edited by Peiyang Liu (@peiyang__liu) while being composed by Creep N00m (@creepn00m) I enjoyed the beautiful UK, streets with the slums look, great time of the year so the colors pop more. Follow the artist and their respected Instagram’s, all tagged by their name to help their following grow.

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