1995 (Chopped and Screwed) – Jvmie (Single)

Norfolk, VA artist Jvmie (@__jvmie__) released a new singled titled “1995” (Chopped & Screwed) on SoundCloud and has now become the staple of my sad boy playlist. The song in the words of Jvmie “…is about the loss of one of my family members that I didn’t get the chance to meet. In the song you here me saying you left us scarred, family was hurt by lose.” In the beginning you here the voices of family members who have moved on meeting with her, the member who passed away and inspired the song. The voices grow louder as the scene is setup as a big family dinner with joy and gay around the table, the main message Jvmie was wanting to get across was time being everything, never take it for granted. Now I was recommended to listen to this track high so I put it through a three tier gauntlet. Sober the song had me entranced by the slow, almost sad boy rap blend of production with a slowed down middle that changes the pace of the beat and vibe completely. But why listen sober when it needs to have a a few bowls to really experience it, the song had me taking off like a rocket ship, I felt my mind burst like the juice in a gusher as I felt the emotions of happiness, sorrow and regret cascade all over my body. To only take it a step further I played the song high while I showered for what I can only describe as a experience of emotions and deep connection towards the song. Follow Jvmie, I am telling y’all this is the next big indie guy right here, his username is @__jvmie__.

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