SHYNE! – JiggaisRare x JVMIE (Single)

Atlanta native JiggaisRare (@jiggaisrare) teamed up with Virginia state based artist JVMIE (@__jvmie__) to release a new single titled “SHYNE!”. Produced by TAPE$ & Alex R Catlog (@alexrsound), the song from the information provided by Jigga is that he is “rapping about his downfalls and turmoil in life.” He explains how he fights though his problems and how they don’t effect him from achieving his goals. Then exclaimed “JVMIE” comes in with amazing vocals sounding some what like a angel or something you would hear at the gates of Heaven.” Now let me tell you why I now follow both these incredible artist, I have listened to this track both sober and intoxicated. When I heard it sober I felt a sad boy vibe that reminds me of $uicideBoy$ but then towards the end had a Joji switch up. I really enjoyed it and was surprised by the sudden change in tone. Now when I woke up this morning I knew I had to listen to this in a more relaxed and elevated state, so a bowl of my favorite greens and I was lifted. Now when I listened to Jigga’s verse it was slower, almost entrancing and controlling the power in his darker toned beat. That’s when the $uicideBoy$ comparison became apparent which I mean in the best ways. Then when that beat change hits like Nick Bosa you have what sounds like a tape popped out and switched, the ambiance is elevated as we hear the echos of a singing JVMIE. As words slowly begin to form the beat crashes, melting away my mind as I soak in all the beauty in this well produced song. Please follow these amazing artist on the tags left by the names of each and share this track, this is worth your 4 minutes and will help the grind time of this artist.

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