DROP DEAD XX is a Hip-Hop collective made of 7 artist who are based out in multiple spots but all came together to make music. TYFaizon, Manuel Foreign and D-Lo Jones are from Kansas City, Paris Williams is from Michigan, Monogram in DC, Zane Olson is from Indiana and Medici is from the UK. Olson and Medici are the producers/vocalist while the other five members share the spotlight with bars a plenty. Now TYFaizon sent me in their album, “DIRTBIKE” back on the 17th of September and I now have the time to write my full thoughts, so lets cut the bread and get straight to the cheddar, this is “DIRTBIKE.”

Now the track track starts off in the style of Tyler, the Creator where we have a split track, two songs formed into one. “Wu-Tang” has a 90’s, East Coast flare in it while “VROOM” reminds me of “Flower Boy” with the jazz and indie fuzz. “BARF” has a Odd Future vibe to me, I really enjoyed the trapping style of the bars with a experimental beat. “EVERY GIRL” sees the group make a harmonized, electronic beat with some sad lyrics over it. JAMBOREE//2 DA BANK” are another duo track that carry high energy all the way through and has the artist trapping while talking about their background a bit. “GET UP!” has the group spitting bars, straight bars about themselves and a range of topics. “TENFOLD” has a fun, summertime vibe where this feels like a song for you and the homies to jam out too. I really enjoyed the production on this track and direction of how it sets up the remainder of the album.

“PRETTY RAD” continues where “TENFOLD” left-off in the sound and energy of showing love to those who helped get this project off its feet. I really dug the energy and vibe this track also possessed. “SAN ANDREAS” has a sorta “Bastard” or Odd Future vibe for me, I really enjoyed the sound of this guy and kept nodding my head throughout the whole song. “666//777” again just keeps me feeling like I am listening to Odd Future, I love the flow and delivery the song starts with and the dark, almost satanic vibe that the hook has with a bunch of disfigured and modified voices. “KIDS WITH GUNS” reminds me of 808 Kanye West when the production starts hitting, lyrically the song is about having fun and the mindset of the youth. “NEON LEMON” was a very interesting track, with a more Sci-Fi sound while the artist talk about their personality lives more the track was a very fitting secondary to the conclusion track of the album. “ORGANIC STRAWBERRY” is the final track to the album, the song is a nice conclusion to what is a solid album.

Overall this was a great second album from this underground collective. I feel they have a great identity that also is compatible to fans of Odd Future and BROCKHAMPTON which is the vibe I got heavily from listening to the album. My favorite songs would be “WU-TANG//VROOM”, “TENFOLD” and “666//777.” “WU-TANG//VROOM” was a very dope duo track, I liked the 90’s East Coast vibe in the first half which later became a more indie, soft rap track. “TENFOLD” had some of the best production, I loved the way the whole song made me feel which was young and free. “666//777” is a very nice blend of dark lyricism and a sorta pop, uplifting vibe, it was a very interesting combo that worked well. Follow the groups account on Instagram and Twitter, @dropdeadprom while following each members account, TYFaizon (@killtyfaizon), Paris Williams (@dropdeadparis), D-Lo Jones (@dropdeaddlo), Manuel Foreign (@dropdeadmanuelforeign), Zane Olson (@dropdeadzane), medici (@dropdeadmedici) and Monogram on Twitter (@savemono) to support these talented individuals, with that I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “DIRTBIKE” by DROP DEAD XX.

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