A Celebration of Life on November 1st (Musical Hippie History)

Today in Hip-Hop we celebrate two lives for two different reasons. Gustav Elijah Åhr also known as Lil Peep turns 23 (November 1st, 1996). Peep is a trailblazer in the SoundCloud sad boy scene who was a main staple in the emo rap genre and helped grow it’s popularity, unfortunately who passed away November 11th, 2017 from a overdose of laced Xanax. Andre “Mac Dre” Hicks sadly passed away 15 years ago (November 1st, 2004) after him and his Thizz Entertainment crew were shot at in a drive by-shooting in Kansas City, Missouri. Hick’s was struck in the neck by a bullet and flew out the car, he sadly was only 34 while just enjoying his found fame for the Hyphy movement which he pioneered in the Bay Area. May both these talented men find peace and be remembered for their art.

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