Doktor’s Curse: A Great Free Event in Rainbow 6 Siege (News)

Rainbow has got my attention again like a girl who played with my heart with their latest Halloween themed event Doktor’s Curse. The 5v5 game mode is a giant game of hide and seek in a re-skinned theme park tilted “doctor’s castle.” The seekers have three class choices, Lurcher which allows you the ability of Jackal, Prowler which allows you the ability of Lion and Stalker which allows you the ability of Pulse. On the opposing side of the field the hiders have five class options, Frost, Lesion, Smoke, Ela and Kapkan. Editors Connor and Paway accompanied me into battle for a enjoyable experience and I highly recommend you lace up your boots and grind out the game mode. The event ends November 6th, 2019.

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