l.et y.ou d.o i.t a.gain – Curtis Cartier (Review)

This is another artist submitted project from San Diego’s Curtis Cartier who hit my line on October 9th to introduce me to his new EP titled “l.et y.ou d.o i.t a.gain” which released October 1st, 2019. Now I love myself a bit of lo-fi music and this EP which was 4 songs with 4 different producers which will prove interesting. Let’s dive into “l.et y.ou d.o i.t a.gain” by Curtis Cartier.

“BLIND” begins the EP, produced by rufi-o, we hear a static ocean over a nice ukulele and once the beat kicks Curtis starts rapping about finding true love and feeling lost in emotions. “LOST” which was produced by medda was a real good track, containing a sample of “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell. “SCAR” was produced 90sFlav (@90sflav) and sees Cartier dropping bars about being damaged from past relationships. “RICH” produced by mony is the final track from the EP which sees the rapper talk about what makes a person rich and features a dope Bob Marley sample.

Overall I have to say I really enjoyed this EP and hope Curtis continues this path of music. The tone of voice in Curtis’s lyrics to the actually production really puts this whole EP together and I love it. I have to say my favorite tracks were “LOST” & “SCAR.” “LOST” and “SCAR” both have some really great beats to them and I connected to the lyrics of pain and emotional destruction. If you wanna support this artist follow his Instagram, @curtiscartiercan and also share his EP on your social media. Salute again to Curtis for his submission for the website and I hope to hear more music soon.

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