Hollywood’s Bleeding – Post Malone (Review)

Pop-rap star Post Malone released his third studio “Hollywood’s Bleeding” on Republic Records on September 6th, 2019. The album was announced six weeks after the release Post’s sophomore album “Beerbongs & Bentleys” which brought a big wonder of what Austin would do next with his music. Now I have had “Hollywood’s Bleeding” on repeat since it released and honestly I am at odds. I feel that their is pros and cons to this album, but lets dive into the review, these are my thoughts on “Hollywood’s Bleeding.”

The album begins with the self-titled track “Hollywood’s Bleeding” which sees Austin sing about the corruption and toxic side of Hollywood. “Saint-Tropez” is all about the lavishing lifestyle that Post Malone lives while he talks about his work to get it over a funky beat, this was a favorite of mine. “Enemies” sees the first feature of the album from DaBaby. The track sees Malone singing about how his fame has affected his relationships while DaBaby takes stride and warns those that with his new fame brings rivals who he isn’t afraid of. Really liked the beat and overall flow of this track. “Allergic” is a high energy track that focuses on a back and forth toxic relationship, an unobtainable love and the use of drugs to numb pain. “A Thousand Bad Times” is another high energy track that sees Malone talking about his failed relationships, he has stated to Spotify that the track is more about perseverance, pushing through the bad times. “Circles” was the fourth single for “Hollywood’s Bleeding” and continues the theme of heartbreak ad trying to mend/maintain a relationship with a unknown love interest. Future and Halsey collaborate with Post for “Die For Me”, a pop track where Malone sings about untrustworthy woman while Halsey gives a opposing perspective which was really dope for the track. “On The Road” has Meek Mill and Lil Baby penning in some solid bars for a overall okay track. The song sees Malone boost about his work ethic while Meek and Baby speak about fake friends who surround themselves with woman. Track 9, “Take What You Want” has to be one of my new favorites in Malone’s discography, featuring Travis Scott and “The Prince of Darkness”, Ozzy Osbourne the song sees all three talk about a woman who hurt them. Post Malone’s verse focuses on the baggage while Travis and Ozzy do a great job, I loved Ozzy on this hook.

“I’m Gonna Be” is Post Malone letting you know he doesn’t care about what you think of him with a loose, party song that only makes me love the man behind the music more because in the media so many artist backpedal who they are or their thoughts and this is a track to let you know Austin isn’t about that. “Staring At The Sun” features SZA on another pop track about past relationships that changed both artist. I didn’t care much for this track mainly for the lyrics, I did however like the catchy beat used. “Sunflower” which was originally released for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse follows afterwards. Swae Lee and Post Malone talk about a woman and illustrate how she is persistent and loyal like the flower she is named after, the song is one of the best singles of 2019 and also is catchy as all hell, you can’t deny the success of this song. “Internet” is very self explanatory, the song is about Malone’s hate towards social media and the internet in general. “Goodbyes” which features Young Thug was the second single released for “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” The single is mainly about the troubled artist trying to remove a toxic past partner from his life while Thug’s verse suggest he is rather trying to reconnect with a girl he was once with. “Myself” is also self explanatory, focusing on Austin Richard Post’s journey as a musician. This was a very beautiful track and had a great use of self reflection. “I Know” is another catchy flow song that focuses on past breakups, this was actually one of the better songs that carried the familiar theme in this album. “Wow” is just “Congratulations” all over again, a catchy party track where Post raps about his luxury and high end lifestyle, this was a nice closer to the album and was just overall fun to listen to. The single also had multiple remixes that are not featured on the album.

Overall I really enjoyed “Hollywood’s Burning” in its entirety. I think to many heads in the Hip-Hop community are giving this album a lot of unnecessary hate, this isn’t a traditional rap album, this is more a rock and pop fusion album. I gotta say my personal favorites are “Take What You Want”, “Enemies” and “Myself.” “Take What You Want” is without a doubt one of Post best songs. I think Ozzy and him have more in store because this is a combo I wanna see more of. “Enemies” was very catchy and overall solid, I liked DaBaby one this one more then Malone but with solid production it’s hard not to love DaBaby with all his hits. “Myself” was a track that as a young man with dreams trying to make something I heard myself in the lyrics, really had me connected into this beautiful track. This is worth a listen if you’re looking for a pop or rock rap fusion, I really feel this album was well executed and is gonna be on the Billboards for a while.

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