Hitops – Shuttermindz (Review)

“Hitops” is a 5 track instrumental EP produced by Adam Nemzer or better known by his stage name “Shuttermindz.” The EP was released September 25th, 2019 and I actually found myself listening to this EP after the man behind the music DM’d me to thank me for liking a post of his. I was actually confused cause I couldn’t remember which post since I see a lot of musicians adds in my feed daily but I told Adam I’d gladly check out his new EP. Shuttermindz is from the Bay Area just like me except he comes from the City by the Bay, San Francisco. So let’s cut to the chase, these are my thoughts on “Hitops” by Shuttermindz.

The EP begins with “Tongue”, a slow paced instrumental that builds up with snares. Now out the gates when I first heard this I got a sorta eerie feeling, from the very moment “Tongue” began I was drawn in. “Sole” follows afterwards which has a more uptown, jazz sound to it. I liked this track a lot as well, really felt the beat was handled well along with the drums used. “Aglet” has a more experimental sound to it. It blends a traditional Hip-Hop with a sorta Sci-Fi or vaperwave sound. I overall liked it, it was a more standout sounding track then anything else. “Arch” follows and feels like a final boss battle sorta track or a casual free-roaming the streets of Grand Theft Auto kinda vibe, this was another instance where I felt like I was in a video game when listening to the EP. The fifth and final track, “Laces” made me feel like I was in a crime drama. The chords and beat were done well, it had me immersed and was a really good track to conclude on.

Overall this is a really good EP, I think Shuttermindz brought a fun, unique sound to this project that I hope he carries to his next one. My favorite tracks had to be “Laces” and “Sole.” “Laces” really had me just rocking in my writers chair as I listened to the whole EP a few times. “Sole” also had me vibing but I really enjoyed the jazz fusion which I feel if Shuttermindz does more EP’s he should play with jazz or funk fusion. If you wanna support this young brother from SF follow him on Instagram, @nativegringo415 and also share this EP among your peers. Salute to Shuttermindz for his music and I hope to hear more soon.

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