Marvel’s Avengers Character Profiles Trailer (News)

Marvel’s Avengers has so far had mix reviews from the first impression it made since being officially announced back in July but we are getting a steady amount of insight on what the game is shaping to be. Like Ultron we got a underwhelming trailer on September 27th that showed some different skins off along with gameplay for all the Avengers excluding Hawkeye. We start off with Tony Stark who has a great amount of traits similar to his cinematic version and we also see a new skin inspired by the 2014 Hulk vs. Iron Man comic. Up next is everyone’s favorite green giant, Bruce Banner who’s also packing a cool skin that is a throwback to 1962’s Incredible Hulk issue #347 where Hulk is rocking a pinstripe suit, shoes and a fedora. Black Widow was a letdown as she for me looks very generic even with a special outfit that looks very similar to her set one, only difference I noticed was the suits material. Steve Rogers soldiers in as we get a glimpse of a more cinematic suit after seeing close ups on his new, more combat like attire. Thor is the character who’s custom got my attention the most as it looks like a callback to the 1988 movie The Incredible Hulk Returns which had the God of Thunder wearing a more low budget version of this outfit. So far I am not feeling like assembling my friends for this adventure but we still have until 2020 to see what this game will amount to.

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