Tropicana – ISO INDIES (Music Video)

Brooklyn based duo ISO INDIES (@isoindies) released their latest single “Tropicana” back on September 13th and they squeezed a fresh banger to chill to. The duo is made up of Conchezyout (@conchezyout) and DillMatic (@iso.dill) who both bring such a charm and original vibe to a stoner track, the whole theme about this track is having a laid back day after calling out of work and smoking some good bud. I really enjoyed this track, lyrically it is on par to your favorite MC while production wise it is high energy, full of funky vibes to mellow out to. Also wanna send a nod to the directer of the music video Kyle Jay (@kylejayhulsey). Follow all of those tags next to the artist name to help support their movement and growth, any love is still love and we need to push dope artist like this to help bring some fun and lyrical music back into the game.

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