Black Hat – Ambush Vin (Single)

Gary, Indiana’s Ambush Vin (@ambushvin) dropped his latest single “Black Hat” today and brought my inner geek to my knees. For those like me who are not fleshed in Ambush Vin here’s a quick scoop of who he is. Vin is a geek and rapper trying to show that nerdcore Hip-Hop shouldn’t make his credibility questionable, he claims to be Hip-Hop but goes to put himself in the Sci-Fi music genre which has no boundaries of creativity. Now that we are past the basics let’s dive into the track, “Black Hat” is a song I can understand for more then just the references but rather the reason of making music to not be categorized into a genre, rather being free in your own space to make your craft. “Black Hat” has nods to so many childhood classics that you’d be better taking the 4 minutes of your time to listen to it. This is just a taste of what to expect from his upcoming EP, “Slasher Music” which is set to release on Halloween. Follow Ambush Vin on Twitter and Instagram, @ambushvin to keep up to date with him as he continues his grind.

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