Reminiscence Is a Discipline – Troy Zanger (Review)

Forestburgh, New York artist Troy Zanger (@troyzanger) released his first EP titled “Reminiscence Is a Discipline” on August 23rd, 2019. Now this was sent in personally through DM on Instagram and was even able to get some insight on the EP so shoutout to Troy for that. Now when listening to this project I felt it was a very multi-genre, a blend of many sounds I enjoy which really kept me in tune to the whole EP. As I give you my thoughts I will also tell you the backstory to each track. Let’s waste no more time, these are my thoughts on “Reminiscence Is a Discipline.”

The EP begins with “The Car You Used to Drive” which gives me 808 Kanye West vibes, it takes a minute of build up for the beauty to bloom from this track but it is done perfectly. Zanger informed me the song was about losing a romantic lover, seeing the car you once rode around with but it isn’t her, it’s a stranger who is driving that car. “I Think (I’m Sure) I’m Self-Absorbed” continues the vibes of track 1, I enjoyed the track fully. The tracks backstory is Troy accepting his insecurities and tendencies that make him self-absorbed in ways. “Manic” has the only feature from Kid Picasso (, the track feels very focused on trying to hide your anger or feelings. “21” was beautiful, fully. I loved the acoustic guitar and harmonic vocals Troy did for the track. The song is about not having loved ones accessible when they choose not to be in your life. The EP ends with the self-titled track “Reminiscence Is a Discipline which in Troy’s words is the “resolution, it turns into a small radio spin that I imagine is playing onset of the realization that life is passing by in a hot room of drugs, regret, etc.”

Overall I think this EP is a banger, I loved the whole theme of it. I feel Troy Zanger has a great vision for his music and it was shown beautifully through the production and lyricism. I can’t pick a definitive song I liked as each I enjoyed for the quality and love put into them, this was honestly a really good album that you defiantly should peep if you’re into experimental rap or looking for something unique. Follow Troy Zanger on Instagram, @troyzanger and Twitter, @zangertroy. Following and sharing his music helps him get seen by more heads so if you can take the 5 minutes it will take to follow and listen to a song by him you’d do him a huge solid.

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