The Reason I Stay to Myself – Goner (Review)

Evan Miller or better known as Goner is a Long Island born artist based in central Florida who has been making music since 2018. His music is along the lines of emo rap, grunge and rock. Now “The Reasons I Stay to Myself” is the third EP Goner has released, this one seems a lot more on the personal side due to Goner rapping about feeling lost, relationship issues, overthinking and trying to survive. These are my thoughts on “The Reasons I Stay to Myself” by Goner.

The EP starts off with “Out My Life.” The songs production blends a bit of rock and emo rap together. Lyrically the song feels as Goner is lost and trying to refine himself after a bad relationship which I relate to heavily. “Think 2 Much” follows the same production sound but sees Goner overthinking about his past, troubles and a missing lover that he lost. This track was honestly my favorite of the three. “Make It Out” is a trap style song that has Goner talking about rising above walls and pushing through the negativity that clouds you to become a better you.

Overall this is a solid EP from the rising artist. I feel his mixed genre production will carry on real well because diversity in music goes a long way in staying fresh. Lyrically the EP does well with the subject matter Goner projects on the three tracks. My favorite song would be “Think 2 Much” purely because I am a person who overthinks a lot and finds myself lost in my cloudy vision and blurry thoughts. If you wanna support Goner follow his Instagram, @goner and his Twitter, @notgoner for updates on music and more.

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