Panini – Lil Nas X (Music Video)

Lil Nas X is back in the spotlight and not because of Kevin Hart hot takes but rather a futuristic music video for “Panini”off of his EP “7.” Now the music video starts with a woman minding her own business, wandering the streets of a cybernetic city when Lil Nas X pops up like a porn ad and scares her. I like that X serves as ads since we know he blew up and was in the spotlight of major media for a majority of 2019. We then see Pathfinder from Apex Legends dancing with Nas X as the woman tries to escape him. Like Mr. Stark Lil Nas X has some Mark VII armor and lands on the plane, Iron Man pose not included but chases her all the way out the plane. At the end of the video Lil Nas X lets nature takeover as the song winds down.

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