Tobacco Weekend – Beach Hair (Review)

Beach Hair (@beachhairmusic) is a indie alternative artist from my city San Jose, California who I was put on to thanks to my friend Ariel. Now I love myself a bit of alternative and indie music and Beach Hair here in my opinion has a lot of great talent for a young man who recorded, mixed and mastered his music in his bedroom. Now the EP released September 3rd but he also put out a LP titled “The Pizazz Tapes” on the 4th, which will have its own review. These are my thoughts on “Tobacco Weekend” by Beach Hair.

“Woodlands Catch Fire” starts off the EP, a nice guitar rift introduces us as the drums and other instruments pick up, growing louder till the complete song fills your ears. It is peaceful, accompanied by Hair’s voice singing about what sounds a missing lover or a lost feeling. “Tobacco Weekend!” continues the track, almost feeling as if the “Woodlands Catch Fire” never even ended. The song is very beautiful, from the singing to the actual instruments playing out the song and really sinking into my mind. “Pink and Blue” is the final track of the EP and does not disappoint. The song again feels to be a continuation of both previous tracks. I loved experiencing this whole EP from start to end.

Overall a really good EP, I enjoyed this brother a lot and look forward to hearing more music too from him. I love the fact the the whole EP feels like one long, beautifully twisted song. I loved each song, no real favorites cause again it to me feels like they EP was made to act as a singularly track and was perfectly cooked in the lab. If you wanna help out to San Jose native follow his Instagram, @beachhairmusic to help grow his following.

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