Ocean Veins – YVNG WAV (Singles)

Los Angeles based artist YVNG WAV (@yvng_wav) released his new single “Ocean Veins” on August 31st, 2019. Produced by afterdvrk (@afterdvrkprod) and mixed/mastered by Souls4SXLE (@souls4sxle) this single reminds me a bit of Jaden on a production side which if you keep up me should know that I am a fan of Jaden and love his production. The eerie, chilling voice of YVNG WAV really flows well over the song that again sounds great thanks to DVRK and SXLE work on production which sounds just like the ocean but with a more sinking, death feeling to it, I kept focusing on the beat as it hypnotically controlled my ears while WAV washed over it like a crashing wave with good lyrics that on first take I didn’t quite catch since I was stuck in a trance from the instrumental. The lyrics cover the topic of depression mainly, which I would expect since by listening to his older songs seems to have the style of emo rap. Follow both these talented artist, @yung_wav, @afterdvrkprod and @souls4sxle to help support them, while you’re at it also share this track so we get more quality music from these two sooner then later.

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