Birthdays on August 31st (Musical Hippie History)

August 31st sees us celebrate three legends and a king’s birth. Fab 5 Freddy of The Fabulous 5 turns 60 and will always be an icon for his graffiti and time as a hos of Yo! MTV Raps. Happy 56th birthday to The Egyptian Lover who originally started off as the DJ for Uncle Jamm’s Army but later branched out to release Electro Hip-Hop classics like “On The Nile”, “One Track Mind” and “1984.” Whether you love him or hate him we all know Joe Budden who turns 39 today, the rapper turned radio-show host will always have a spotlight on him for his views and insight on the modern day Hip-Hop scene. Finally a special shoutout to the homie Amir Rahimi who you may know on Instagram as “Rappin & Snackin” who turns 27 today. R&N is the prime example of a passionate Hip-Hop head with a large and growing collection of all things Hip-Hop, just don’t bring up Ice Cube around him.

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