4 Piece – Doe Boy (Review)

Cleveland rapper Doe Boy released his second EP “Doe Boy” on August 30th and I have spent my entire day blasting it. Now while I am nor familiar with Doe Boy I have been looking into his history, he has been dropping music since 2014, releasing his first album “Streetz Need Me” in 2016. Trap Rap is the main sound that this EP is going for but I am not mad at that, I actually found myself listening to his older projects after hearing the EP a few times. Now the whole reason I even checkout out this EP was due to the cover art, the Pillsbury Doughboy rocking ice and inked out with a bowl raw meat and veggies on the side. If that ain’t the most No Limit Records shit to do for your cover artwork then I must be tripping, but it was effect like Sheer Cold in Pokemon. Let’s the crap like shit barbers, these are my thoughts on “4 Piece” by Doe Boy.

“Poor or Rich” seems to focus on the hood lifestyle where you either live to gain riches or die with lint in your pockets. I like the bars that throw shade at questionable trends in the mainstream radio era but again this is Trap Rap so it has lots of bars about getting bitches, banging and representing or owning a 9, 45 or 38. Overall though I enjoyed the track. “Back Day” is uplifting, I interpenetrate it as a comeback track. Again lots of Trap but honestly it sounds better then most so called gangsters who bang on camera. Solid track, fits well in a gym mix. “Baby Shark” chomps the annoy meme that took over the internet in 2018. The high energy track has some heat on production, I really felt the beat in my headphones. Lyrically the track is the typical that we have heard before, struggles in his life, grinding and bitches, no disrespect but I don’t feel the bars deeply since I am listening to Trap. Will say for a track called “Baby Shark” their wasn’t mention of the video or song till the end of the track which was nice. The final track, “Drunk Shit” is a turn up track about having fun and doing reckless shit while smashed. Their is the typical gangster and trap bars but the track goes hard and would sound great on your party mix, speakers up for this track.

Overall this is a solid Trap EP, nothing skippable on this bad boy. Overall my favorite track would be that opener, “Poor or Rich.” The song had the best bars and solid production but I also kept this one on repeat heavy so defiantly give that track a listen if you just wanna put your toe in the water for this EP. However I do wanna give a nod to “Baby Shark” for the songs production, this had the hardest beat on the whole EP. These are my thoughts and opinions on “4 Piece” by Doe Boy, I recommend this to fans of Gangsta and Trap Rap.

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