Babushka Boi – A$AP Rocky (Music Video)

After a wrongful imprisonment in Sweden, A$AP Rocky is back with a brand new single and music video titled “Babushka Boi.” The music video opens with a navy blue van full of pork camping on a hill with a beautiful blue night sky behind it. Rocky and posse break out and run away. We learn that Babushka Boi (played by A$AP Rocky) and his crew made of Babyface, Hammerhead, Books and Brains are gonna perform a heist. Cops with some of the best prosthetic makeup ever try to prepare to prevent the heist while Tommy guns are brought out. After a successful heist the gang are in a car chase that leads them to a colorful hideout. We get a inside the pigs house as we get a playback on the crew in jail and during their getaway. Then a standoff ensues where 5 large piggies get sent to the slaughter by Babushka Boi and his crew. This music video reminded me a lot of the music video for “Who Dat Boy” by Tyler, the Creator. Loved the visuals and song, defiantly peep it if you haven’t already.

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