Glenn Rob Flow – Bigg Dawg (Review)

Upper West Side artist Bigg Dawg (@biggdogguws) recently released a new album titled “Glenn Rob Flow” that features multiple producers and a bunch of heat. I’ve been follow Bigg Dawg for years and always felt he was gonna do some big stuff with his music because of his charisma and flow, lyrical his name backs that all up because he a top dog in the rap scene to keep tabs on. Now if I had to compare a artist to Bigg Dawg I’d easily say Fat Joe, my brother has the bars like Joe and when he wants to can make a catchy ass hook. Now this album is titled after Small forward Glenn Robinson who goes by the nickname “Big Dog.” The album cover is of Robinson driving past Patrick Ewing. Let’s dive in, these are my thoughts on “Glenn Rob Flow” by Bigg Dawg.

Track 1 titled “Ain’t No Way Around It” sees Dawg talking about dealing with shit head one, whether it’s in the streets or macking a honey to be head on it rather then shimmy around it. The production done by Seismic (@beatsbyseismic) which samples Glenn Robinson’s draft day. “88 Swag” produced by FenikoBeatz (@fenikobeatz) has a lyrical focus on flexing your fashion, looking your best, the typical in a modern trap song. “About U” seems to be a track about doing anything and everything for that special woman in your life. Production was solid which was provided by Sahara. “Back2Back” is about that grind, doing anything to get your chip with the dip. DDOTM (@ddotmbeats) did production on this track and I liked it heavily.”Gas” is Bigg letting you know that he will keep your off of E with the heat he drops in the studio. This song is overall okay, wasn’t my favorite but I also didn’t hate it either. “Louie N Fendi” is a trap song all about doing you and not worrying about a punk. Majin produced this track and I really enjoyed it.

“Missed Calls” is on some “Marvins Room” type shit, a sad song about love that was perfectly produced by Ashton McCreight (ashtonmccreight). Track 8 titled “Rider” is all about the street soldiers that ride, another dope track with solid production from Yung Pear (@yung_pear). “Strap” is a great followup to track 8 since it carries the similar street themes from the previous joint and only helps paint the image of what Bigg Dawg is rapping about. “Sauce” has the only guest feature on the 12 track LP, P. Dice (@p_dicee) along with Bigg Dawg do a great job on this tropical trap beat from Gibbo Beats (@gibbobeats). “Get Em Off” is the final track produced by Seismic who had a large hand in production. The songs production sounds similar to “Sauce” but lyrically it is more focused on grinding then the trap party sound “Sauce” had. Good song overall, I felt this was a standout next to “Sauce.” The final track, “Summer Knights” is a smooth trap track to conclude the LP on. Produced by Keno (Kenogotbeats) the song is very relaxing, the focus is more on the vibe rather then the lyrics so the production is top notch.

Overall I would highly recommend a listen if you’re into trap rap or underground bars. The production for this album is some of the best trap beats I’ve heard from a underground artist in a while, all the songs had character to them and kept me in tune. My top three songs would be “Sauce”, “Summer Knights” and “Ain’t No Way Around It.” “Sauce” was straight heat, from Gibbo Beats nailing the production to the lyrics this was a great track. “Summer Knights” however was my favorite song, I loved the production done by Keno and enjoyed the vibe, sometimes you don’t need to be the lyrical beast you can be to have a great track and this songs shines with the focus on production. “Ain’t No Way Around It” was another lyrically strong song that I played back multiple times to listen to each verse. If you wanna show love to Bigg Dawg and all the producers that worked on this track follow their Instagram’s tagged by their names, helps them grow and also share “Glenn Rob Flow” on any social media you have. I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “Glenn Rob Flow.”

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