Foremost – Flythe (Reviews)

Flythe (@flythethegenius) is a artist from West Philadelphia who released his second EP titled “Foremost” on August 8th, 2019. Now while I am not familiar with this brother he has a sorta Kendrick Lamar and lofi vibe to him, to his credit his claims on being artistic strong. He had previously released 5 singles since 2019 started, “Focus”, “Yu”, “In N Out (Demo)”, “Deep End” and “Godlike.” Now again I wanna restate I had not known of this brother before hand but his music really sold me, I enjoyed “Godlike” a lot and the single “Deep End.” I felt both had a unique vibe to them, so with that in my head I also went into this EP thinking such. Let’s dive in, this is “Foremost.”

The appropriately titled intro song “Start” begins, Flythe talks about being legit to make his money over a very finely tuned beat, really enjoyed the production and overall lyrics of the track. “Options” continues the solid production with lyrics about needing to path your own roads and rising above obstacles. “Memory” is all about keeping the past and fallen in your mind but not letting it control you. I really digged the whole vibe and production on this track. “Save” has a real funky vibe to it, I enjoyed the production on this, it reminded me a bit of “Heart Don’t Stand a Chance” by Anderson .Paak. The lyrics are about not giving up and rising to your goal no matter how many times you fail, nobody can make your dream other then you. The final track, “Game Over” sees Flythe talk from the heart and spits that are overall solid, they aren’t to different from most the tracks but solid none the less.

Overall I feel this EP is good, if you’re looking for a solid underground artist with good bars this is solid for that. Production is also a plus, I loved each songs beat and would honestly love a version of the EP with just the instrumentals. My favorite song has to be “Save.” The songs production was just phenomenal and I loved the lyrical content in the track, this would be the standout track for me. If you wanna help support Flythe follow his Instagram, @flythethegenius and also run his plays up on Spotify as well.

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