Para Mi – Cuco (Reviews)

Cuco released his studio debut album “Para Mi” on July 26th, 2019 and after smoking many bowls to this album I have a full, clear view on the album. The album has a great blend of psychedelic indie rock, pop and Latino influence to bring a unique sound to the whole album. I originally learned about Cuco after hearing “Lover Is a Day” and “Chiquito”, I feel in love with his use of live instruments and soothing voice, I feel Cuco is the next big thing and this album only furthers that belief. So let’s take some acid and hop in the dimensional rift that is “Para Mi.”

“Para Mi” starts off with “Intro” which has a popular parody page, Foos Gone Wild helping us learning our man Cuco is out of his mind. “Keeping Tabs” is a song that bloomed from Cuco’s tour van accident back in 2018, the backstory for the song is that Gio and Suscato (@suscat0) were playing visuals on his TV, this lead to Cuco getting Suscato to do the broken windows portion. “Bossa No Se” is a song that Cuco made back in college that revolves around Cuco being heartbroken and wanting to get back with his ex who cheated on him. I loved this song when he released it as a single. “Perihelion” is another interlude, this funky synth track is real relaxing to listen to. “Feelings” is a trippy, funk filled alternative track that sees Cuco battling with damaged emotions and looking for an escape. “Lovetripper” feels like Cuco is craving love and affection that he lost. I enjoyed this track and feel it was a great track to follow up “Feelings” with.

“Ego Death In Thailand” is a song about losing yourself, Cuco explained that he had a bad psychedelics trip in Thailand and later had a rebirth in Berlin which was the inspiration for the hook. I enjoyed this song a lot, could relate completely through my own rebirth and bad trips. “Hydrocodone” that started 2 years ago and is inspired by the tour bus accident that Cuco and his band mates were in, the title is also for the drug he was prescribed. “Far Away From Home” is a song that really sums up the whole vibe of this LP, the track is for those homesick and wanting to find a way home. “Brokey The Pear” as put by Cuco is a video game-ish interlude with a funny name. “Best Friend” is similar to “Bossa No Se” but with a softer touch, this song is very self explanatory. “Room Tone” is a song that Cuco recorded using the silence in his room and putting the gain on the input high to capture a white noise. This interlude was really trippy, some alien shit. “Do Better” concludes the album, a beautiful song about being better in a relationship. This song was without a doubt my favorite overall.

Overall this is a great debut album from Cuco, you have to listen to this gem a few times to really appreciate the live instruments Cuco and his band used on the album. My favorite songs overall were “Do Better” and “Best Friend.” “Do Better” is just so fucking beautiful man, I absolutely loved this as a conclusion to the album and the meaning behind the lyrics. “Best Friend” also has a great vibe and message in the lyrics, my biggest issue honestly is that I couldn’t pick what song I enjoyed because this whole album is great. If you haven’t listened this album then do yourself a favor and pack a bowl before heading in.

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