An Interview with Melnickson (Interview)

Melnickson is a 20 year old rapper from Simi Valley, CA that we recently featured on the site for a review on his album “Hunnid Heros 3.” Well I spoke to the brother himself over text to get some more info about the young artist.

Anthony: So Mel tell me about yourself?

Melnickson: I produce music, rap and I’m a mixing engineer. I’m currently going to musicians institute in Hollywood.

Anthony: Nice, besides mix engineering and producing/making rap music what can you tell me about your origins? When did this passion for music start?

Melnickson: Well I was always interest in music and I knew I wanted to make some type of music so I starter making beats on this DAW called Mixcraft when I was 10, you know just putting stupid loops together. When I was 14 I started getting a little serious making beats on my iPhone on this app called Beatmaker 2.

Anthony: Dope, so you’ve had a ear for making beats since your were 10. What about rapping? When did you start writing down lyrics?

Melnickson: My older brothers friend taught me how to freestyle at 14 so I was doing that for a while. He took me to a studio for the first time and he was like “you need to write lyrics, you can’t always freestyle.” So that was my first time I think. 14 years old in the studio with some nursery rhymes.

Anthony: Haha nice, so tell me a bit about “Hunnid Heros 3”, what was the inspiration for the album?

Melnickson: Well it started as a mixtape. The plan was for it to be a soundtrack for a game like Super Mario. All the beats were gonna sound like a level in the game. But while I was working on the mixtape I came up with this crazy concept and I started building a world that these songs could fit into. So once I started building I had to go back into the songs and change the lyrics to make it match with the concept.

Anthony: That’s dope, I defiantly felt that the retro, Super Mario vibe when I listened to the album for our review. So tell me about some of the guest features you had on the album.

Melnickson: Well we got my best friends N.J, Invokr and Simon Vertugo. I love working with them and they always bring their best foot forward.

Anthony: That’s dope, what’s it like when you all get into the studio to do collaborations like “Battle of Konket”?

Melnickson: Power levels be over 9,00 from everyone. Just mass amounts of positivity and laughter as well as great work ethic.

Anthony: So I heard from Simon Vertugo that you’re a wild guy, any stories to share?

Melnickson: I once drove 2 hours for a box of cereal.

Anthony: Really now what cereal?

Melnickson: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churro.

Anthony: So what’s the story behind that drive?

Melnickson: Woke up, was like “hm I want some cereal” so me and my dog got into the car an drove. At the time they only sold them at Walmart cause they were new, so I go down to the Walmart next to my house, they weren’t there so I was like “damn, okay let me check the website to see what stores they have it at.” So I drove to every Walmart in a 10 mile radius and all of them ran out. There was one box at the Walmart in Long Beach, which is a 2 hour drive for me, so my dog and I took that drive.

Anthony: Damn, haha for some cereal, but that cereal was bomb as fuck.

Melnickson: Best snack cereal in my opinion.

Anthony: So tell me about your goals my man, where do you wanna go next with your music and career?

Melnickson: Well like everyone else I wanna be a famous artist and show people that this shit really does pay off with hard work but being famous depends on the fans, so my long term goal, I want to score movies, TV shows and video games.

Anthony: That’s dope man, do you have any events or projects happening at the moment?

Melnickson: I’m performing October 3rd at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA. As for other projects, I’m probably just gonna drop singles for a while.

Anthony: Perfect brother, any closing thoughts or words you’d like to leave off with?

Melnickson: The birds work for the bourgeoisie.

If you wanna help this wonderful brother out follow his Instagram, @melnickson_ and also run his album, “Hunnid Heros 3” up on Spotify. I also wanna say congratulation to Mel for his album hitting 1,000 plays, again go play his unique, video game themed album on Spotify. I’d like to thank Melnickson for his time to do this interview and wish him the best for his music.

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