Hunnid Heros 3 – Melnickson (Review)

Melnickson (@melnickson_) is a artist based out of Simi Valley, California who has been making music since he was 14. He has also collaborated with Simon Vertugo who we previously featured on the site for his first album “Kowboy.” Melnickson has also opened for Too $hort and Riff Raft because of his grind in the music industry. Melnickson would release his first album “Hunnid Heros 3” July 26th, 2019, I discovered this through Simon Vertugo promoting it, well just like Simon I was not let down, this is Melnickson.

“Welcome to Hh3” starts off our 18 track LP, the team of the track is the rapper and a friend getting a new fighting game and starting it up, being impressed by the whole game in itself. “New Life” sees the rapper as a video game character starting with three lives, a cool concept that shortly leaves like those lives in any game, lyrically it focuses on trap topics. “Hot & Cold” sees a veteran gamer speak about how he has whatever you need, lyrically another good, trap style song. “Fwnlm” is a hype, retro game sounding track where Melnickson and Invokr (@invokr_) mainly just rap, it’s no subject to focus on but it is a fun track. “Training Day” is a cool song, I like the production a lot which almost sounds like a siren is sampled and used, lyrically the track is also solid. “Ready Up” sees Invokr back again rapping with Melnickson, a pretty decent song, I wasn’t feeling it to much lyrically but I did like the production. “They Bounced?” is a huge collaberoation track that features N.J. (@njchastin), Castleman1976 (@castleman1976), Preacha Prodigy (@preacha_prodigy) and Jay L 805 (@jayl805) and has a solid overall sound to it, I feel each artist sounds solid and the production is good, Castleman1976 was a big standout for me along with N.J. and Preacha Prodigy. “Level 100” has a techno, trap blend and follows the overlapping theme of video games and trap based bars. Track 9 titled “Mind Attack” was very well produced, having a more dark and emo sound to the vocals, I liked this track and feel it stood out from the whole LP.

“Maniac” is out of mind, hype shit, this is a pure party track with loud vocals that yell at you. I think this track was okay, I wasn’t a fan nor a hater of this track, I liked the production the most. “Epiphany” has a loud, organ sound to the production. This sounds like a Hip-Hop remix for a old school Universal Monsters movie. “Shuttle 119” continues the themes of the previous track, a techno fused track, the lyrics are solid and there are some pretty good bars in this track, loved the anime references as well. Invokr is back on “Call the Squad” which starts of with bass and snare, lyrically the track is okay but this production is the cream of the pie for the song. “Battle of Konketa” sees a lot of the same artist from “They Bounced?” with the exclusion of N.J. and the inclusion of Invokr, Juno’s Rocket (@junosrocket) and Simon Vertugo (@simonvertugo). The beat was fire and the trap, hype lyrics flowed well on this bad boy. “Heros Interlude” is a solid break up for this album, a good beat with no lyrics to help get you to the last stages of the album. “Permenento Memento” sees N.J. back providing some nice vocals over a trap fused gospel mixed track. “Game Over” is very self explanatory, the album is coming to a end as we meet the final level. Melnickson and his friend finally finish the game and the track is over. “Whole Album in 3 Minutes” serves as a recap to the whole album, playing snippets of each track.

Overall I would say this is a solid album, I personally enjoyed the albums theme and feel while it had plenty to offer it suffers from the tracks being short. I think it had great lyricism and great production the songs just needed to be a bit longer. The guest features were another upside to this sunny album, cooked to perfection I feel the guest artist did great at standing out and showcasing their abilities on the album. My favorite tracks would be “Permenento Memento”, “Battle of Konketa” and “Fwnlm.” I loved “Permenento Memento” for its production, this was one of the most well produced track on the whole LP. “Battle of Konketa” had a great showcase of all the artist, I loved every feature and feel this was a solid collaboration track. “Fwnlm” was a real fun song, I enjoyed the loud, entertainment filled lyrics that were all about living life and having fun. I would say run the albums plays up on Spotify and also follow his Instagram, @melnickson_ an any of the artist as well that took place on the album. I am The Musical Hippie and this was my thoughts on “Hunnid Heros 3.”

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