WWE 2K20 Cover Stars Reveled (Gaming)

Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns are set to be the cover stars of WWE 2K20 which will release October 22nd, 2019. In this trailer released August 5th we see a bunch of wrestlers and icons in the video. It starts with Hulk Hogan and cuts quickly to Braun Strowman and Shawn Michaels chatting while Velveteen Dream is seen in the background, there is also a statue of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Paul Heyman is smirking as we cut to Stone Cold Steve Austin getting a cold one. Then a long shot shows pictures of fallen legends like Andre the Giant, Big Boss Man, Macho Man Randy Savage and Eddie Guerrero, it is also accommodated by a statue of Rowdy Roddy Piper with bagpipes. Former WWE champion Sheamus shows up as “The Man” Becky Lynch crashes the party. Lynch grabs a snack as on goers are in awe, she then drops the cookie in Hogan’s drink as she turns to face fellow cover star Roman Reigns. A clink and we get a preview of the same gameplay from the past 2 WWE games to conclude the games trailer. Overall, it was a cool little preview but I am not interested one bit into the game for this year so hopefully in the following months we get more knowledge about the games roster, new or returning modes and actual improvements to the game since all 2K games are usually just a reskin of the last one.

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