Middle Child – PnB Rock x XXXTENTACION (Music Video)

PnB Rock released a music video for his song “Middle Child” from his sophomore album “TrapStar Turnt PopStar” which features the late XXXTENTACION. Produced by DatKidChris, the song itself talks about the two and their childhood and their come-up. The music video sees two kids who represent the to rappers sitting and being kids. Rock’s actor pulls out a blender and the two fill it up with hot Cheetos, Funyuns, hot sauce and toothpaste to make a green drink they call “trap juice.” The two sell this juice which generates them funds quick and scores Rock a baddie, now nothing is tougher then driving down the street and seeing your ex riding on some cats scooter. We see Rock grow up but sadly we never see a grown XXX due to his passing last year. Overall, solid music video and a good song as well.

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