Lonely – The Keymakers (Single)

Boston based duo The Keymakers released their single “Lonely” back on July 16th, 2019 and I’ve finally gotten around to listening to it. The Pittsburgh born duo is made up of two brothers, Jerome and Justin Barnes, the duo formed in 2017 and focused on developing their own unique sound. The song has a EDM and Electric vibe to it with a pop mix in there, lyrically the track is about being by yourself, trying to fix and mend a failed relationship only to see how late it is, that their isn’t anything left to salvage. The song however embraces the idea of being lonely, using the high energy to show that being alone is only naturally and nothing permanent. Overall dope song, I’m not a huge fan of EDM but I dug this track, if you wanna help this brothers out follow their Instagram, @thekeymakers to help grow their following.

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