Gamble – PROH (Music Video)

Who is Productive Honey? Well I would be lying if I could tell you fully but from their own magazine to producing music, these guys have their hands in multiple fields and just recently released “Gamble” that features multiple artist affiliated with the brand. The video starts of with Gab, TheSandbox (@gabthesandbox) having his head covered with a plastic bag and having a golden cash cannon held to his head as he starts rapping. Gab’s verse is pretty solid, I like the trap and lofi vibe he brings to the track. BradBrooks (@thebradbrooks) who directed and edited the music video is reveled to be the man behind the mask, last seen binge watching the classic show Steven Universe. He continues the flow and brings a more flex feel to the track. Kiddie Douchebag (@kiddiedouchebag) who produced, mixed and mastered the track knocks Brooks lights out and runs his bag, rocking a fire white fit and rapping about making money. I liked him a lot on the track along with the production. Wackavelli (@wackavelli) starts his melody like singing to a ATM machine that makes it rain on the clothing phenom before he begins rapping. All four close out the music video which was beautifully shot by SupremeRakeem (@supremerakeem). Overall this was a great music video and track, I loved this fully and highly recommend you to listen and follow the group to help support these projects.

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