Brawlhalla and WWE Tag Team to release New Fighters (Gaming)

The hit fighting game Brawlhalla has done many crossovers in the past, from Hellboy to Adventure Time but this by far is the one I have high interest in. The WWE has come a long way from its PG 13 self back in the day. Now with the normal yearly release of WWE by publisher 2K this is a nice surprise. The 4 playable brawlers will be The Rock, Xavier Wolf, Becky Lynch and John Cena. The Rock appears to use daggers and a sledgehammer as his two weapons, Wolf uses his signature trumpet Francesca and a rainbow unicorn hammer, Becky uses a crutch and hammer and finally Cena uses a fire extinguisher and ladder. A new game mode will also be released called Brawldown which will take place in a wrestling ring with functioning ring ropes. Looks real good and supposed to be out currently.

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