Utinni: A Interview with the Hip-Hop Jawa (Interviews)

From the streets of Mos Eisley, Hip-Hop Jawa is a 11 year old women with a love for Hip-Hop and Star Wars. She was inspired by her master, Hip-Hop Trooper to make her alternate ego, the rest is history in a galaxy far, far away. I had a pleasant conversation with Bubby’s father, a member of the 501st Legion and helper behind the scenes for the Hip-Hop Jawa.

Anthony: So who is the Hip-Hop Jawa?

Father of Hip-Hop Jawa: Her name is Saraya but she insists everyone call her “Bubby” so that’s how she’s known. About 4 years ago a friend and I decided to make regular Jawa costumes for our kids. Since then she’s been costuming as a regular Jawa with her brother,sisters and friends and the crew has gathered a good reputation for being a fun entertaining, par of the 501st Legion events in our area.

Anthony: So what is the inspiration for the Hip-Hop Jawa?

Father of Hip-Hop Jawa: A couple of years ago we ran into Eugene Stryder Brown aka Hip-Hop Trooper at a local con and she fell in love with his costume and style. Recently she came to me and asked if she could make a Jawa costume that matched his famous red armor and the idea was born. Every good Hip-Hop lover needs a good boombox. Combine that with Jawa’s love of droids and the red Mouse Droid boombox became something that we just had to do.

Anthony: Wow, so what was the work on making the Mouse Droid boombox? Did you craft it?

Father of Hip-Hop Jawa: The Mouse Droid is visually 90% normal Mouse Droid. It’s fully drive able, built around a remote controlled car which is what most of the droid builders use for similar, movie accurate versions. We just spruced it up Hip-Hop style, gold rims, slick red paint job and the telltale adidas stripes. The top half is where it gets really different. There’s a dual channel 50 watt amplifier in there. Bluetooth receiver, a pair of car speakers. The LED equalizer panels on the side and enough batteries to make that stuff work to double the weight of the entire droid.

Anthony: Wow that’s amazing, I saw video of it in action and it looked very well detailed, true to film. Is there any plans to grow Hip-Hop Jawa

Father of Hip-Hop Jawa: She’s going to be making an appearance at Disney’s D23 expo later this month. We will probably do LA comic con later this year as well. As for merchandise that’s something that we’re still trying to figure out. We’re having artwork done right now that could be used for stickers or pins. So that’s something we’re looking forward to. For any merchandise we ever do for her we will have her pick a charity she wants to work with and any profit from the merchandise will be donated to that charity.

Anthony: That’s awesome, I love the image so I feel her merchandise will do great Also that is amazing that she’ll be doing some conventions as well, it is a dope costume. So what’s the story of this picture?

Father of Hip-Hop Jawa: There are 3 families of kids there in that photo. All friends and they all do this together. That’s her crew.

Anthony: Oh, that’s so dope. My last question is this. Can you define some Jawa language for us who are strong in it?

Father of Hip-Hop Jawa: In Jawa-ese the perfect word is “Utinni.” It can mean anything. The proper answer to “good morning”, “good night”, “hello”, “goodbye”… all Utinni. There is one answer to any yes/no question… Utinni, it’s the perfect word.

This was a very interesting conversation that my protocol droid had to help me translate the whole time. Follow the Hip-Hop Jawa on Instagram, @hiphopjawa_official to help her grow, this is a kid doing something great with her friends and family while also showing love to the Hip-Hop culture and Star Wars universe. Until then I am The Musical Hippie and this was a interview with the Hip-Hop Jawa.

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