Ouro Boros – Colorblindmind (Reviews)

Colorblindmind (@therealcolorblindmind) is a San Jose, California rapper who has been putting in work for a few years, doing events in the area and even opening for Stevie Stone & Madchild during The Strange Noize Tour 2019. Colorblindmind since has been putting full attention into this album which he produced along with who? as well. The album is a blend of trap with sad rap lyrics, think Strange Music meets Lil Peep, its a different sound but a good one so when listening keep a open mind to it. The albums name I believe is also a nod to the ancient Egyptian symbol of a serpent or dragon eating his own tail. Let’s dive in, this is “Ouro Boros” by Colorblindmind.

The album begins with “Hi”, a fast-paced track with horrorcore themed lyrics. This song reminds me of something that Tech N9ne or Brotha Lynch Hung would put out, I especially liked the production which is a trap beat mainly. “Baggin’ that Cash” has a more dark and sinister production to it, using a organ from what it sounds like while Mind raps about getting money over fakes. “Rollin” is a electric, high energy interlude, the fast-paced lyrics that are solid as well. “Don’t” has a more goth gospel vibe to it, I like the production a lot as well as the bars, overall a great song from the LP right here. “Why?” is produced by who? (@who.prod) was a unique track in which Colorblindmind raps about the Columbine shooting, paying respects to the victims and also bringing interesting views on the subject, good track overall. “Pushin” is a nice trap, funk song, almost reminds me of Chicano music with the production. The lyrics follow the grind Colorblindmind is in for music, pushing through fakers, struggles and everything he has to so he may achieve his goal. “Dr. Suicide” is a very interesting song that touches up on depression and mental issues while having a fair share of solid off topic bars. The production is eerie and I believe the name of the song may be a hint to Jack Kevorkian also known as “Dr. Death” for his role in 130 physician-assisted suicides. “925” is the final track of the album, with a grunge sound in the trap production the song has Color showing off his wordplay and flow while rapping about his disinterest in working a 9 to 5, a overall solid song to conclude on.

Overall I would personally say this is a good album, the best thing on this would be the production which I feel stands out for the mix of trap and other genres. Lyrically the album is also strong, never releasing the grip on the mic and keeping a dominate grasp on my attention. My favorite songs would have to be “Don’t” and “Dr. Suicide.” I feel “Don’t” has a dope gospel sound to it that I really liked along with the songs lyrics heavy. “Dr. Suicide” was also a great song lyrically and the production which was similar to “Don’t” which kept me listening. Defiently show this album love, it helps the artist heavily because making music ain’t cheap, but a share or listen cost nothing, you can also follow him on Instagram, @therealcolorblindmind to help him grow.

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