Icy – Logic x Gucci Mane (Music Video)

Logic released a music video for his song “Icy” featuring Gucci Mane off of his fifth studio album “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind which released May 10th, 2019. The music video is pretty generic starting with a shitty 3D animated video between Marty Randolph, a character that appeared before in many of Logic’s mixtapes. Logic puts in a grill and starts the song off, I love the use of a Golf Wang vest in the music video because I love Golf Wang. Logic raps against his reflection seen behind a glass case holding a white fur coat, the remainder of his verse is all about getting follows and having drip. Gucci Mane is teaching Icy Class 101, I really found his segment solid, Gucci had a good verse in the song and a good part in this music video. Logic is riding a bus flexing on the gram through a livestream as he drinks some Hennessy to a white filter with some color popping, the most significant item being a Hummer. Randolph drop Logic for a multitude of reason and the video ends. Solid music video, seemed like Logic had some fun in this but I do feel they could have just done more with the whole flexing and being flashy, I feel they should have went balls to the wall crazy with it, also feel the 3D part at the beginning is sloppy, was pretty useless and started the vibe on the wrong foot,

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