Time – Wackavelli (Music Video)

The always talented and original Wackavelli released a music video fro his single “Time” on July 8th, 2019. I wish I had seen it earlier but I came to be surprised by the amount of views it has, sitting at roughly under 300. I covered “Tomorrow” by Wackavelli and found the music video to be creative and unique, to my suspicion “Time” carries that torch further with its creative genius. The song starts with Wackavelli doing his best Donald Trump impersonation with a all yellow background and a red clock suspend to his right. Wackavelli puts up art, blows bubbles and plays a handheld gaming console before the channel is changed to “Tomorrow” followed by “Loop” which hasn’t been released. We then get a animated segment which I dig the art style selection, another channel cut to behind the scenes work on “Tomorrow” and finally we conclude this unique video with Wackavelli eating a king sized candy bar, getting frustrated by that handheld, fixing the rotating clock and blowing us some up close bubbles. Overall I love this music video, very creative and just makes me want more, so Wackavelli stuff my belly.

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