EA Announces EA Access for Playstaion 4 (Gaming)

EA has now thrown their cap into the subscription services with the launch of EA Access, a subscription service that pretty much mirrors Microsoft’s XBOX Game pass where you pay $4.99 a month or with a 50% off running right now only $29.99 for a year of EA’s unfinished, photocopied games. Now I wouldn’t suggest burning your money but your money would be better off burning with Kyrie Ivring’s Celtics jersey than being put into this hack of a service, not only can you play a bunch of games that really ain’t great but you also get exclusive testing for certain games like Madden 20, you are allowed to play the games early but that ultimately means these are betas, used to find bugs through your money so EA will “patch” them before launch. Save your money, September is just around the corner so all the major games will be coming real soon.

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