Big Sean – Single Again (Music Video)

Big Sean released a music video for his latest single “Single Again”, a love song about Big Sean’s struggle with handling being alone. The music video starts with a man and woman, presumed couple sitting at gold thrones, as we pan we see a baby shower of sorts took place in the background and the two separate from each other. Sean starts rapping with a garbage truck filled with rose pedals behind him. The girl named Bianca is with her friend with a store while the gentleman pulls up to chat with his homies, holding a “Free Big Sean”. Sean is being freed for cheating allegations from his social media. Bianca is viewing in a living room barber shop as she gets comfort from friends, they start to question if Sean was really guilty of his crime. Big Sean starts the second verse on a news van with a crowd of support in front of a huge city, the freshly single male is interviewed and Bianca chases to reunite with her man, the two host the baby shower shown at the beginning as children chase the rose pedal filled truck through the streets. Dope song, good music video, Sean just drop a damn album man.

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