Just To Say I Did It – Conceptz (Music Video)

New York based Hip-Hop duo Conceptz released their a music video for “Just To Say I Did It: on July 22nd, 2019. The duo is formed of two brothers, Short Fuze (@shortfuze14) and Highrowglyphfix (@highrowglyphfix) who have been rapping for years, I have known about these two talented gentleman since 2015 through my previous spirit. The music video begins with Fuze telling some ladies to invite some friends over for a little all white get together, one DJ later and a bunch of baddies we have Short Fuze dropping his verse. The verse is very well put together, it is mainly party and hustle themed, a great start to this well produced video. Highrow is awoken to some coffee in his Flash onesie, fun fact is Highrow use to go by Barry Allen for a while and is a huge comic fan. Highrow brings back the hustle theme while adding his charm too the track, from his wordplay to speed he concludes the song very strong. If you wanna support these brothers follow the duos Instagram, @darealconceptz or their individually tagged accounts, share this post and let them know that they killed this.

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