Tyler, the Creator and Funk Flex: An Out Of Pocket Experience (News)

July 25th brought the only Funk Flex interview I could personally sit for an hour and a half and enjoy fully, Tyler the Creator met with Flex in New York on HOT 97 with a full discussion. The interview starts with Flex and Tyler hashing out the distance and why Tyler has never been on the show. After a hug (11:52) Flex throws the idea of Tyler spitting a freestyle where Tyler responds with how he has no written bars and that he can rap, he doesn’t need to use unreleased music to freestyle. (13:23) sees Tyler and Flex have a funny back and forth about marriage and the how it is a waste of life. (23:25) Tyler talks about some of his favorite artist and genres. An hour into the interview they talk about the West Coast hate on Flex and being a branching artist. The interview concludes with a freestyle from Tyler, to summarize it with a bar, “Me and Flex lookin’ in the index for buff net niggas just for some hot butt sex.”

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