Motion – Grady (Review)

Grady, Grady, Grady, who is Grady? Grady is a underground producer who has done work with Seattle artist j’von who is another dope underground artist, @catman.png is his Instagram if you wanna support him as well. Now while I may have no clue about where Grady from or if that is even his real name but I can tell you this aesthetically pleasing Lofi artist is the bees knees. So pull your hoodie over that stitched beanie and get comfy, these are my thoughts on “Motion.”

Our journey of sounds begins with “Growth”, a drum and snare focused track with good bass too it. This is as relaxing as sipping tea and watching a koi fish pond. “Grade’s Prelude” is a beautiful continuation of “Growth”, with a soothing nature and nice bass I really enjoyed this song. “Jelly Fishin” is a funky, uptown track with fun packed into it. This had me bobbing my head, real smooth track. “Small Talk // Dilla Told Me” is a track that pays resepect to Detroit legend J. Dilla, a great song that I only wish was longer. “Solitary” takes me to space, a lonely, empty track vibe that yet fills the airspace with it’s relaxing melodies. “Thank You” includes the 6 track EP on the highest note. Starting with a J. Dilla like sample and leading into a uppity, drum focused track that utilizes all the keys parts of Lofi in what is a perfect mix.

Overall this is a great EP, a must listen for fans of Lofi Hip-Hop. My favorite tracks were “Thank You” and “Jelly Fishin’.” “Thank You” was perfectly mastered and mixed and as a fan of Lofi I loved the sampling at parts along with his use of snares, whistles and drums. “Jelly Fishin” was just a dope track overall, loved the funk and soul fusion, felt really relaxed listening to this track personally. Give “Motion” a listen for yourself and also follow Grady on Instagram, @grady.erick to help show love to this phenomenal artist.

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