Top Tyler, the Creator Album (Out Of Pocket)

Whats up hippies! We all know Tyler the creator has a wide variety of discography, all unique in their own ways. In this post specifically i’m going to focus on Tyler’s studio albums, with the exception of Bastard, and ranking them to the best. Keep in mind that this is strictly my opinion and not something you have to agree with. 

Coming in at last place is Goblin. Although Goblin has a place in the heart of many Tyler fans for good reason, being the album that really pushed Tyler more into the spotlight. As well as holding some of his classic songs like Radicals, She, Tron Cat, and of course Yonkers. With that being said, for me it’s my least favorite album from him. The production doesn’t always work for me like it does for other songs. The lyrics on some songs are the least creative I’ve seen from Tyler. The album seems all over the place and immature, which I don’t like saying about Goblin because that’s what he was kinda going for, it just didn’t work for me. That being said I like it, I don’t love it. My favorite tracks from the album are Yonkers, Transylvania, Nightmare, Analog, and Steak Sauce. 

Coming in at 5th place is Cherry Bomb. For the most part I like Cherry Bomb. Its really the start of Tyler really starting to throw his hand in singing. Like I said for the most part I like the album but there are times where the production slips and sounds muddy, which is probably what he was going for but nonetheless didn’t sound good. Majority of the tracks drag on a minute or two too long. The theme of finding success in yourself does invest me but I wish the story of the album had more focus.  Overall I think its a solid album but not his best. My standout tracks are DEATHCAMP, BUFFALO, PILOT, 2SEATER, THE BROWN STAINS OF DARKEESE LATIFAH 6-12 (REMIX), PERFECT, SMUCKERS, and OKAGA, CA.

At 4th place I got Wolf. Wolf is great. It was the first album i’ve heard from Tyler and is what made me fall in love with Tylers music and his personality. Wolf embodied everything Tyler was about. The not so serious but still the creative and interesting lyrics. The comical aspect. The complicated relationship aspect. The eerie and synthy beats. The smooth and erotic production. It Has one of the most personal and emotional songs by Tyler with Answer, And Rusty has some of the best bars ive seen from ODD FUTURE. I can go on and on about this one.  My favorite tracks are Wolf, Jamba, Awkward, Answer, IFHY, Pigs, Parking lot, Rusty, Trashwang, Tamale, and Lone.

Coming in at 3rd place on my list is Igor. In my opinion Igor is Tyler’s most complete album. Its obvious that he has fully mastered his craft and his sound for this album. The production is great and the story holds the album really well. My only complaint for the album is that I wish there was more of Tyler rapping, but there’s no real problems with it, its simply just not my favorite by him. Really just a well crafted story. My favorite tracks  WHATS GOOD, GONE GONE, I DONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE.

Coming in on 2nd place is Bastard. Holy fuck. Bastard. Bastard is in my opinion Tyler at his best when it comes to rapping and just fucking bars. The devilish nature and FUCK YOU theme of the album just gives the lyrics more flame and more power. The features on this album don’t fuck around either. You got Cassey Veggies delivering a sick verse on Odd Toddlers, which has great production with the MF Doom sample. You got Earl on Assmilk with doing one of their best duo songs together going bar for fucking bar. Songs like Seven show how good Tyler is at spitting bars. This album is just dope as fuck. My favorite tracks are Seven, Odd Toddlers, French, Assmilk, VCR Wheels, and Sessions.

And my favorite Tyler album goes to Flower Boy. The production is superb. The synts mixed with slight jazz and hip hop beats mix insanely well. What I really love is the sincerity.We get a completely vulnerable Tyler sharing his feelings and emotions and his thoughts on his success. Songs like Garden Shed gives you an in depth look on feelings. Songs like November show Tyler’s purely honest thoughts and questions. We also get the love aspect of Tyler with heartfelt songs such as See You Again and his complex love life in Glitter. The gritty raps are also present in Who Dat Boy and I Ain’t Got Time. My favorite tracks are Foreword, Where This Flower Blooms, Garden Shed, I Ain’t Got Time, 911/ Mr. Lonely, Droppin Seeds, November, Glitter, Enjoy Right Now,Today.

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