Kowboy – Simon Vertugo (Review)

San Jose based artist Simon Vertugo released is debut album on June 19th, 2019, through multiple listens I have to say this is a very creative alternative Hip-Hop album. From reading Simon’s Spotify bio he is inspired by the likes of Tyler, the Creator, N.E.R.D and John Williams. Now “Kowboy” from my understanding is also self-produced which is really dope since the production on this album was very well done. The album itself has a real Odd Future vibe to it, I think this is one of the best underground projects I’ve personally listened to as of January. Now grab your boots and saddle up, this is my thought’s on “Kowboy.”

The self-titled track “Kowboy” starts off our journey, the production on this is very smooth and lyrically the track has solid bars and a good chorus. “Twothousand” sees Simon and Dylan Switzerland team up over a trap like beat. Lyrically the song is very simple, nothing to fancy. “Super Soaker” is another trap like alternative Hip-Hop track with unique lyrics. “Super Soaker” was defiantly a standout track for me on the album. “Ivory” is a very beautifully produced track from Simon. The lyrics are well put together and this is a high point in the 11 track LP, this almost feels like something Tyler, the Creator himself would have produced. “Bugmfu” is the hype track of the album. With loud vocals, aggressive bars and a trap beat this was another dope song from the SJ artist. “Speak” is the interlude for the album, the production for this track is very well done, I actually wish this became a fleshed out track. “Drive” is some Jaden type shit, this song goes real hard and reminds me heavy of something Jaden Smith would produce. Solid song and above all he shows his lyrically abilities off real well. “Honest” feels as if a deep, poetry style song where Simon is spilling his inner thoughts out to the listener, this was another favorite of mine. “Sonny Knights” has a vaper-wave type vibe to me, this is a chill summer track with smooth lyricism and great production, that don’t give a fuck mood music. Also love the nod to Tyler’s Golf Wang store located in LA. “Blaze” has a “I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside” vibe, a very slow paced song with fast packed bars that pause and pick up. I liked the production more on this than the lyrics but overall a okay song. “Manifest” reminds me a lot of the late XXXTENTACION, the production on this is wild and the guest features from Bleached SUN & Melnickson flow comfortable in the track.

In conclusion I feel that this is a good debut album from the aspiring artist. The albums biggest feat is the production, I really feel that the beats were great and the songs all had a unique vibe going for them. Now I feel the album does do a good job lyrically at times but is overall okay, some songs sorta lose me in the direction that Simon is going for but that doesn’t hurt the overall album since he has that great production to keep me listening. My favorite tracks would be “Ivory” and “Honest.” Both songs have some of the best production on the whole album while also showcasing great storytelling from Simon Vertugo. There was no songs I really hated, some I was okay with like “Super Soaker” or “Twothousand” but again not one song was outright terrible. If you wanna support Simon follow his Instagram, @simonvertugo while you run up the plays on “Kowboy.”

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