I Don’t Rap About Drugs – Sam RucKus (Single)

San Jose based rapper Sam RucKus brings a laid back banger titled “I Don’t Rap About Drugs.” Now I have never heard of RucKus until I saw a Instagram ad for this single, I always click because artist who put money into their music deserve to get that click, ads ain’t cheap. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard, the song starts of with a slow build up in the beat, the chorus picks up shortly after. Sam has a nice, low and methodical sound to his voice, I was entranced by him, the first verse is very slow and attention grabbing, Sam almost makes me believe he styled as a haiku poem. Lyrically it is in the realm of sad rap with some straightforward bars. The production was defiantly a highlight for the song, I liked the drums and strings used for the track. Overall this is a dope song, I became a fan from this guy and “Greatest I’ve Ever Felt”, if you wanna support this underground brother follow his Instagram, @samruckusmusic.

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