Game Don’t Change – Inspectah Deck (Music Video)

Hip-Hop veteran Inspectah Deck has released visual’s for his first single off his fourth studio album “Chamber No.9.” The single, “Game Don’t Change” sees a futuristic Deck on a lyrically killing spree, by the costume it to me looks like a blend of RoboCop, Terminator with a modified weapon that reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze. Produced by Boo Bundy and filmed by Rock Davis, the music video starts off like The Terminator with Inspectah Deck in a knelled position centered in a flaming Wu-Tang symbol. We then see two cats talking which leads to the brother going to get strapped but before it can happen Deck uses his weapon to eliminate the threat. After getting into the car Deck is on the hunt, first taking out a thieving hoe and later a drug dealer. We continue to a studio where “The Deckinater” terminates a wack rapper and finally his driver. Now the lyrics for this song are on point, a very well put together song but I am not surprised since Deck has always been a strong, well archetype written MC. The production is also well done, I liked the beat and felt reminded of the late 90’s, early 00’s. Overall this is a very solid track, Inspectah Deck brought heat and I can not wait for his newest album to be available on streaming services so I can review it, if you’re not broke like me you can purchase the album, with tons of dope bundles also available.

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