CONDITIONING – Ghostface Killah (Music Video)

Wu-Tang Clan’s own Ghostface Killah packs heat in his newest single “CONDITIONING” from his upcoming album “GhostfaceKillahs.” Produced by Danny Caiazzo (@dcaiazzo) the song takes inspiration from the 1995 film Dead Presidents in many ways, from Ghostface Killah’s face paint to the theme of performing a major heist. The music video starts with Ghostface meeting with RR Stony Bling (@rrstonybling) and Shawn Wigs (@shawnwigs) to discuss details on a the heist, location, target and all. It cuts to Ghostface along with a presidential entourage as they drive to the spot, the lyrics are that of his early work, gritty and street related. After the crew pulls up it is discovered that the house has more occupants than expected, Stony than pulls his Donald Trump mask over his head and the second verse begins. Ghostface Killah continues spitting OG based bars as the crew raids the building, Killah takes time to makes friends with the owners trophy wife. The music video has now become a shakedown, Ghostface gets creative with some TNT to get a safe code from the owner as Ghostface Killah takes a briefcase of money, a new sidepiece and cleans the leftover loose ends. The music video concludes with the crew in a home theater watching Tom & Jerry. This song lyrically and production wise is a banger, really shows that Ghostface Killah has never lost a beat in his career, the music video was cool, nothing that hasn’t been done before but was handled well, I think the theme fits well for the whole image Killah is painting, overall this is a dope song that leaves me hungry for his new LP.

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