Goodbyes – Post Malone x Young Thug (Music Video)

Post Malone collaborates with Young Thug for his new single “Goodbyes” off of his upcoming third album. The song sees Austin say his final goodbyes to a toxic love interest, talking about how he is trying to push away the scares left behind. The music video is very beautiful. The music video starts off similar to a scene in the 1993 film Blood In Blood Out where the Vatos Locos and Tres Puntos meet, in the film Cruz a member of the Vatos Locos who was beat by the Tres Puntos seeks retribution and fights Spider, leader of the the Tres Puntos, ultimately carving VL into the chest of Spider. In the music video Post Malone pulls up rocking a sick leather jacket with a switchblade to fight a man who is now with his love interest. One clean stab to the neck and Malone is down, after being stabbed multiple times in the chest the video goes from day to night, a zombified Austin Post is rising from a small grave and attempts to light a cigarette. The reanimated rockstar wanders around a small town as residents observe him from afar. Young Thug is than in the cameras lens, sporting a Johnny Bravo type haircut, a hug crowd on looks Thug as Post Malone enters the bar. As the bar attendants disburse from the reveal of the the bloody Post Malone all who is left is the the thorn of Malone’s rosy heart, sitting there looking back at the person she hurt. We see cuts of Malone singing while the ex lover mourns by the tomb of Post, it than cuts to Post Malone drinking a Bud Light, his favorite brand in front of his former lover as it leaks through the cut in his neck. A very artistic video that had beautiful visuals, hats off to the makeup department on Post zombie look. Overall this is a great single, can not wait for his upcoming third studio album.

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