Ruff Thymes – Ruff Wizard (Review)

Dallas based indie band Ruff Wizard came out with a EP titled “Ruff Thymes” on June 14th, 2019 and I haven’t had much time to site and really write about it due to a city move and constant battle of posting on the site. Well after over 40 listens and tons of relate-able young adult feelings I have a full review set in stone for this EP, so strap in for a experience full of 80’s synth. Just to freshen your memory for those who need to know the band, Chris Escarfullery is the vocals an keyboardist for the group, Levi Weiss is on the guitar, Christian Blevins on the bass and rounding it all out on the drums is Stephen Goodson. The band itself goes for a synth and indie blend, they are inspired by artist like Hall & Oats, Michael McDonald and Steely Dan.

The EP starts with “Until Then”, a very uppity track with nice vocals from Chris Escarfullery. The beginning of the song talks about a tired, distressed mindset who is overthinking a situation and as the song progresses over the funky bass accompanied by powerful drums guitar it talks about how the past can hold you by a grip and keep you from moving forward. This was a very beautiful song that I absolutely loved beginning to end. “To My Love” was the only single for the EP, the theme for this track feels like a promise letter towards a love interest. I also really enjoyed this song and feel it had a nice synth sound going, this track really brought me back to the 80’s love scene and I dug that. Track 3 titled “The Bug” is a song that talks about ones devotion towards another person, a play on the traditional term “love bug.” The second to last track titled “Torches” talks about that fire everyone has in there chest that pushes them towards something or someone, a very well put together piece of music. The EP concludes with “Every Night”, a song that I found a lot of myself in. The song to me speaks on depression and anxiety, through the lyrics to the vibe the song drives, I felt this was the best song from the whole.EP.

Overall this 17 minute EP is totally worth a listen, I haven’t ever listened to indie much but these artist made me journey into the genre a bit more. I think my favorite song has to be “The Night”, I am able to really relate to the tone of the song but this whole EP is very relatable to me in a multitude of ways. I was really impressed by Chris Escarfullery, his voice really grew on me and I left only wanting more from him. The live instruments on the album also helped make the album sound unique. If you like these amazingly talented artist follow Ruff Wizard on Instagram, @ruffwizardmusic to help support these unsigned gems.

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